Training on Mobile Repairing for Dalit Youth Development at Khulna

In this modern era, mobile repairing has become an essential need because of the increasing use of cell phones day by day. One of the major objectives of Nagorik Uddyog is to include Dalits into comparatively prestigious professions rather than their traditional disgraceful professions. That’s why NU organized Mobile Repairing Training for Dalit youths so that they can take it professionally and may lead their lives with dignity in society. Training on mobile repairing organized by NU has been started from April 2016 for three months at Daulatpur Moheshwarpasha and Sonadanga under Khulna City Corporation. Four Dalit young men are being given this training initially. Shanto Das and Bishwajeet Das in Daulatpur Moheshwarpasha and Haridas and Raghunath Das in Sonadanga are offered the training. All of their age limits are within 18-21 years. Here a noteworthy point is that Bishwajeet is a physically disabled person. His wish is to establish a mobile repairing shop at Moheshwarpasha local market after finishing his training. The training will last for three months. Besides, the trainees will be given follow up training. The trainees will receive the training from morning to evening every day. It is hoped that Dalit youths would be skilled on mobile repairing and thus they could improve their economic and social situation after finishing their training successfully.