Provide Training on Sewing & Dress Making to Dalit Women

Training on sewing and dress making for skill and economic development of Dalit women has been started in Barisal, Bhola and Khulna. Nagorik Uddyog organized this training session from April, 2016 in Barisal, Bhola, Khulna City Corporation and Botiaghata upazila in Khulna. The training will be organized within this year in two districts more. Each training session will train 10 Dalit women. They will receive the training on sewing and dress making. Trainees hope they could be able to sew and make dresses properly when they got trained. If they could get orders from their neighbors and villagers for dress making, they would utilize their training and earn money. They hope they could earn money by sewing and dress making when they get free after their household workings. They will spend the money for their children’s educational expenditures. It will bring economic solvency of their family. Thus their dignity and empowerment must be increased both in their family and society.